About Chuckie Bags

In 2002 our car sick daughters drove us to buy 50,000 sick bags. We've been selling them ever since

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There really ought to be a word that describes the very small gap in time between hearing the words “I feel sick” from the back seat and the inevitable sound that means you’ll be spending the next day cleaning the inside of the car.

After failed experiments with plastic bags and tubs we decided we really ought to be able to buy a few sick bags. We couldn’t, so we found a manufacturer and bought 50,000.

As it seemed unlikely we would use all of the sick bags, we decided to set up a website and sell some of them. And sell they have, nearly 200,000 since 2002.

Some were sold to parents of car sick children like us, some went to sufferers of other forms of motion sickness such as air and sea sickness. We found some people bought them that suffered from altitude sickness.

We discovered that sick bags were also helpful for sufferers of morning sickness and people undergoing medical treatment that could bring on sudden nausea.

These days our daughters aren’t car sick and are now driving us around, helping with organising stock and packing up orders.

To all our customers, past, present and future we would like to say a big thank you!

Nigel & Evelyn West

Life saver - The bags take the stress out travelling. They are easy to carry or keep in the car. A good quality product for a reasonable price. Service was excellent. I would definitely recommend this product as I have not seen them easily available on the high street. I spent a great deal of time last year in well known chemists looking for these but with no luck. Thankfully I came across you on the internet.”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Chuckie Bags have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

At Chuckie Bags want you to be satisfied with the sick bags we send you. If you’re not pleased let us know and if we can we’ll put the matter right. If we can’t, we’ll refund your money, immediately and without argument.

We find very occasionally some people don’t get on with sick bags. If this is the case and you've used a couple, please let us know and we'll take back the remainder (we really don't want the bags you've used!). See our terms and conditions for full details.