10 Natural Car Sickness Remedies

It’s possible to get various drugs to help with car sickness, but we’ve not tried them and we’re not qualified to offer advice on them, so we’ve put together some natural remedies that have either worked for us or someone we know.

If you need to navigate ask the driver to stop the car before reading the map
If you need to navigate ask the driver to stop the car before reading the map
  1. If you are map reading, stop immediately. If you need to refer to the map ask the driver to stop the car. If you are in the front of the car don’t turn around to talk to the passengers in the back
  2. Try eating or drinking something ginger based, for example biscuits, sweets, tea or ginger coated in sugar
  3. Peppermint tea is a good alternative to ginger as are fresh mint leaves (start by eating 2 leaves and eat more if you need to). Peppermint sweets can also help and can offer instant relief whilst in your mouth. Avoid chewing the sweets to make them last longer
  4. Rest your head against the headrest of the seat you are sitting in, which will reduce head movement. If you have a travel neck pillow try using it to keep your head as still as possible
  5. Close your eyes and try to sleep. By closing your eyes you are removing the visual confusion the brain is attempting to overcome. If you can’t sleep try listening to music, talking books or the radio, leaning back in your seat with your eyes closed
  6. Try not think about feeling sick. Very hard to do, but this will help
  7. Heavy fog can cause car sickness because it limits the distance you can see. Close you eyes and try to sleep
  8. Try to have fresh, cool air to breath and try to keep the temperature of the car cool as excessive heat will make the sickness feel worse
  9. Keep drinking water as dehydration can increase the felling of car sickness
  10. Stop the car, get some fresh air and stretch your legs. Sit down outside and take deep breaths from your stomach to relax

Make sure you have something in case you are actually sick. Obviously we would suggest one of our sick bags, but whatever you use make sure it won’t leak and can be sealed to stop the contents and smell escaping. It’s a good idea to carry bicarbonate of soda in the car. If vomit ends up on the car upholstery rub the bicarbonate of soda into it immediately to remove the smell and help cleaning when you can get to it later.