Bulk Packs of Sick Bags in packs of 50 or 100, or boxes of 1,000

Chuckie Bags bulk pack, available with 50,100 or 1,000 sick bags
Chuckie Bags bulk pack, available with 50,100 or 1,000 sick bags

If you need a large quantity of sick bags we can supply a bulk pack of 50 or 100, or a box of 1,000

Our bulk packs have the same Chuckie Bags sick bags in our packs, just more of them and cheaper per bag.

Ideal for coaches, boats and planes where you can suddenly have a number of travel sick passengers or crew.

We have also supplied many schools with our sick bags as they contain the sickness and airborne infection much better than traditional open kidney shaped bowls.

Here's what makes up one of our sick bags:

  • A horizontal clip holds the folded down top in place, which helps contain the smell and contents, although this doesn't form a liquid proof seal
  • They have a flat bottom so that they can stand upright on the floor and not immediately fall over defeating the object of the bag in the first place
  • The bag is made from strong kraft paper, so it won't easily rip or tear even after being used and is lined with liquid proof low-density polyethylene, so the contents won't leak out
  • The bag measures 12.4cm x 22cm x 8cm and will comfortably hold 2 litres of liquid and still be able to fold the top over and use the clip
  • No excess packaging to throw away

Bulk packs start at £16.99 + delivery

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Chuckie Bags have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

At Chuckie Bags want you to be satisfied with the sick bags we send you. If you’re not pleased let us know and if we can we’ll put the matter right. If we can’t, we’ll refund your money, immediately and without argument.

We find very occasionally some people don’t get on with sick bags. If this is the case and you've used a couple, please let us know and we'll take back the remainder (we really don't want the bags you've used!). See our terms and conditions for full details.