8 Natural Sea Sickness Remedies

It’s possible to get various drugs to help with sea sickness, but we’ve not tried them and we’re not qualified to offer advice on them, so we’ve put together some natural remedies that have either worked for us or someone we know.

Taking the helm may help take your mind off sea sickness (not always possible on a cross-channel ferry)
Taking the helm may help take your mind off sea sickness (not always possible on a cross-channel ferry)
  1. If you’re beginning to feel sick try to relax, getting tense won’t help

  2. Whilst the captain of a cruise liner is unlikely to entertain a sea sick volunteer, if you’re on a small sailing or fishing boat taking the helm can help distract your mind away from feeling sea sick, plus you will be looking ahead anticipating the movement of the boat. Make sure people around you know you are feeling unwell and you’re not left alone. Sea sickness is debilitating and you may need someone to take over quickly. Setting sails, for example playing a spinnaker on a sailing dinghy, is not a suitable activity if you’re beginning to feel sea sick as your eyes’ frame of reference is confusing to the brain

  3. Make sure you’re not too hot and in fresh air - it’s generally better to be outside than inside

  4. Locate the part of the boat with the least movement. This will depend on the speed of the boat and the swell of the sea

  5. Lie down and close your eyes. This sounds like the worst thing to do, but it can work. Closing the eyes removes the conflicting messages with the inner ear

  6. Although it’s best to avoid fizzy drinks, cola contains phosphoric acid, which can help settle an upset stomach. A little sugar added to the drink will reduce the fizz substantially

  7. Eating salty snacks, a bagel or ginger (ginger tea, biscuits or raw ginger) can also help, but be careful not to eat too much

  8. Sea Bands, an elastic wristband with a plastic point used to stimulate the median nerve has been very successful with several family members, and can be worn before or after nausea sets in

Regrettably sometimes prevention and remedies aren’t enough. Frankly being sick over the side of a large boat is embarrassing for you and unpleasant for other passengers. On smaller boats it’s more dangerous, especially for children. Which is why we always take Chuckie Bags on board, whether it’s a cross channel ferry, sailing trip or day out in our mate Steve’s rib.