Sickness Survival Pack - small enough to keep in your bag or car, big enough to help

Sickness Survival Pack, 5 sick bags, 5 anti-bacterial wipes, 5 mouth freshening mints
Sickness Survival Pack, 5 sick bags, 5 anti-bacterial wipes, 5 mouth freshening mints

The pack is ideal to keep in your bag or car glove box, ready for use if any form of sickness strikes. The pack contains:

  • 5 of our top quality sick bags, the same ones used in our other packs, not lighter, flimsy bags that could let you down by ripping before you have found a bin
  • 5 individually wrapped antibacterial hand wipes that kill 99.999% of germs. If the sickness is due to illness, such as norovirus, these wipes will help stop it spreading
  • 5 individually wrapped mouth freshening mint imperials (not suitable for nut or peanut allergy sufferers)

The pack is shrink wrapped to keep the contents together without unnecessary packaging.

A Sickness Survival Pack costs £4.97 + delivery

Please note the packaging for the hand wipes and mints may be different in your pack.

The mints are packaged in an area that may include nuts and peanuts and therefore are unsuitable for people allergic to nuts or peanuts.

Mints contain: Dextrose, Sugar, Flavouring: Natural Peppermint Oil

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Chuckie Bags have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

At Chuckie Bags want you to be satisfied with the sick bags we send you. If you’re not pleased let us know and if we can we’ll put the matter right. If we can’t, we’ll refund your money, immediately and without argument.

We find very occasionally some people don’t get on with sick bags. If this is the case and you've used a couple, please let us know and we'll take back the remainder (we really don't want the bags you've used!). See our terms and conditions for full details.