Our sick bags, as not seen on BBC TV's Top Gear

As Chris Evans found out, being the passenger in a car driven at high-speed can cause car sickness, even for the most hardy of travellers

Inside our sick bags (before use)

Our sick bags have a flat bottom to stop them falling over, a clip to hold the top in place are tough and liquid proof
Our sick bags have a flat bottom to stop them falling over, a clip to hold the top in place are tough and liquid proof

Back in January 2016 Chris Evans, the new Top Gear presenter, didn't have any of our top quality sick bags on board the Audi driven by racing driver Sabine Schmitz when he started to feel a bit queasy.

If he had, Chris may have avoided some of the adverse publicity attracted when he had to jump out of the car to be sick. For such eventualities, and no only for co-drivers of performance cars, we recommend keeping our Sickness Survival Pack to hand, five of our top quality sick bags, five antibacterial hand/mouth wipes and five mouth freshening mint imperials, which can also help with the car sickness.

In the first episode of series 23, co-presenter Matt LeBlanc ribbed Chris Evans about car sickness and we were delighted the following week to receive a call from the BBC asking if we could provide some bags for filming the next day. As Top Gear is filmed at Dunsfold Park, a few miles away from Chuckie Towers, we were able to supply some sick bags for the studio plus a Sickness Survival Pack for future filming.

Sadly, our sick bags didn't make it to the final cut, although the team have some help at hand if it happens again.

Lifesavers - just received a re-order as used the last 50 - The bags have been very useful. We have 2 children that get travel sick and these have worked really well. We have had no leaks and they have lasted up to 2 hours full of liquid without problems. I bought another 50 after we finished the last lot so am very satisfied and if they didn't work well I would not have stuck to the same. They arrived in a couple of days no fuss and no bother.”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Chuckie Bags have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

At Chuckie Bags want you to be satisfied with the sick bags we send you. If you’re not pleased let us know and if we can we’ll put the matter right. If we can’t, we’ll refund your money, immediately and without argument.

We find very occasionally some people don’t get on with sick bags. If this is the case and you've used a couple, please let us know and we'll take back the remainder (we really don't want the bags you've used!). See our terms and conditions for full details.