What our customers say about Chuckie Bags

We've had some very nice comments from our customers about our sick bags and service. Thank you!

“I am just writing to say thank you very much for your excellent service. I suffer from travel sickness and you were the only company that I could find which sold sickness bags.

I was so relieved to find your site as I had recently ran out of sickness bags, which I usually take from the aeroplane when going on holiday. Thank you also for the excellent delivery, it took under 24 hours for them to be delivered.

Thank you again.”

Kerry, Suffolk

“Quick email to say thanks for the lightning fast delivery.

My wife is very pleased as she is still suffering from morning sickness for our first!”

Steve, Kent

“Thank you so much.

It was a super quick shipping and I had my bags within two days. I thought I wouldn't be able to use them on our next car trip when I placed the order. We used them already for my daughter going car sick every time on our trip to the mountains and it was great!! No mess, no cleaning and of course no smell in the car. ”

Dorothea , Italy

“I've received the bags. Needed them as I've just started to run my own taxi after taking early retirement.

Very prompt service much appreciated.”

Pennant, Wales

“The package arrived at my home on Saturday -- very quickly.

I opened it and had a look at the bags and they seem to be just what we need for travel with a large group of kids.

Last year one group had a child who was sick all over himself on the way to the airport on the day the trip departed! This year we'll be prepared.”

Barbara, London

“I purchased the Chuckie Bags on behalf of a friend who is undergoing radiotherapy daily for 6 weeks and as she suffers from motion sickness, the journey from Teddington to Hammersmith is an added torment.

She now has peace of mind because she carries two bags with her and thus far she has not needed to use one. Your swift response to the order was much appreciated.”

Margaret, Teddington

“They are for the yacht Cajou who hopes to compete in the Fastnet race this summer.

Many thanks for your prompt delivery.”

Caroline, Isle of Wight

Chuckie Bags for school travel - I found these several years ago when planning a week of travel for a group of 120 11-12 year old students. We've taken the bags on every trip, whether a day trip to a museum or a week-long overnight trip. Sometimes the bags have been used before the coach arrives at the airport! The teachers accompanying the students much appreciate have bags that are discreet and leak-proof. I just ordered another set of 50, which arrived the day after I had a dispatch email. My only suggestion for an improvement is to allow shipment to an address other than the billing address.”
Value for money - As my eldest son since being a baby has always suffered from travel sickness, when I found chuckie bags on line, I never leave home without them, they are what they are, a strong bag that can fit anywhere, when you travel, very good value for money”
Grateful thanks - Thank you so much for the fast and efficient way that you handled our order My Company have a yacht in the Round the World Clipper race and we were celebrating the start in London last weekend, cruising along side all the yachts taking part. Luckily we did not need to use the bags on this occasion but it was reassuring to know that they were so easily available. Thank you”
Lifesavers - just received a re-order as used the last 50 - The bags have been very useful. We have 2 children that get travel sick and these have worked really well. We have had no leaks and they have lasted up to 2 hours full of liquid without problems. I bought another 50 after we finished the last lot so am very satisfied and if they didn't work well I would not have stuck to the same. They arrived in a couple of days no fuss and no bother.”
Brilliant!!! Two travel sick grandchildren on coach to Disneyland Paris were both sick but these bags were invaluable for privacy when unwell and easily disposed of. One bag did leak a little but it couldn't be helped. Must order some more!!!”
Life saver - The bags take the stress out travelling. They are easy to carry or keep in the car. A good quality product for a reasonable price. Service was excellent. I would definitely recommend this product as I have not seen them easily available on the high street. I spent a great deal of time last year in well known chemists looking for these but with no luck. Thankfully I came across you on the internet.”
Private Taxi - These have been great for travel sick or ill passengers.”
Superquick shipping - As I ordered the bags I thought that I wasn't able to try them on our next trip; my daughter (5) gets car sick all the time and so I thought it was worth it anyway for our long seaside trip in summer. We got our bags within two days!! Shipped to Italy and we already had to use some. Fantastic!! No mess no cleaning and no bad smell left in the car. Thank to Chuckie Bags!!”
Life Saving - As much as I wish I never had use for these Chuckie Bags, this is the second pregnancy where they have been a life saver! Morning (or all day) sickness is crippling and these bags have given me the ability to move to places other than the bathroom. Seal works very well. Prompt delivery. Thank you!”
Excellent fast service - Fast delivery and very helpful staff. Sadly flight was cancelled due to snow so yet to try the bags but they look and feel exceptional quality.”
Fantastic service, great product and quick delivery - I first contacted Chuckie Bags when I was looking for some travel sick bags that I could put a sticker on. We are providing coach travel after a wedding and wanted to put a funny sticker on the bag - and hope people don't need to use them! [name removed] at Chuckie Bags quickly responded and even sent me some free samples which was brilliant. Ordered a pack of 50 bags which arrived super quick and just as described. Fab service and the bags are good sturdy bags, plastic lined and with a fold over top to make sure there are no leaks. If you need travel sick bags this is your place. Don't even bother looking elsewhere.”